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Are Shaolin Monks allowed to do these things?

This is not a joke question. I have tought about this today on my way back home. I know that females are not allowed in shaolin temples and to be shaolin monks, but are shaolin monks allowed to have girlfriends/wifes? Do they have kids? Are they allowed to? Are they allowed of sexual intercourse? and all these related things? Or can they do that only if they leave the temple? Please answer seriously

Are Shaolin Monks allowed to do these things?
Real Shaolin monks must adhere to everything regular Chinese Buddhist monks adhere to and more. They are not suppose to have girlfriends, wives, kids, hold office, hoard riches, have sex, drink alcohol, take a life, eat meat, or even recognize their past family. Once you are a monk, you are suppose to leave all your earthly relations, possessions and needs behind (Chuchen, exiting the dust/mundane.) With your abbot's permission, you may leave the life of a monk, surrender your monk ID (Jiedie,) and return to the secular world (Huansu.) Remember, someone with a shaved head and real Shaolin kungfu isn't necessarily a real Shaolin monk.
Reply:yes but as in all things sacred it is not just as it would be in lust.
Reply:Women are aloud in Shaolin Temple. They aren't monks because they are nuns. Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed by a Shaolin Nun.

And Kung Fu masters beleive that women steal your vital energy when you have sex with them so I would assume that they wouldn't have sex.

As for are they alowed to I'm not 100% sure.
Reply:yeah dude women were allowed to learn shaolin. Maybe they didn't learn as much as men in those old days. But I have seen female shaolin students in a shaolin circus.

Shaolin monks are buddhist practitioners as well....I think they follow similar rules. But i do believe they are allowed to marry and have kids.


I just remebered something very important. The previous grandmaster of Shaolin, grandmaster I Cin MInh (i think its spelled), had a wife and child who died in unfortunate circumstances,

The current Grandmaster Sin Kwang The also has a wife and kids. So it is probably ok for them to have sex, wife, and kids.
Reply:First there are several groups within Shaolin. In the temple itself there are two groups. Monks and Practitioners. Monks have devoted their lives to the temple and are chosen at a young age due to basic talent level. Practitioners are everyone else. While at the temple sexual relations are forbidden and monks usually do not marry. However a monk who leaves the temple may marry without loosing his status as a monk. In fact many monks who have left the temple have married. In the U.S. and U.K. the Shaolin temple has outreach programs trying to spread their message and training to new groups of people. I know at least two of these monks running the outreach programs in the U.S. have married since moving here.

Practitioners are often married since they spend less time at the temple. Some live there full time just as the Monks do, but many are part time students studying there only periodically or only for short periods.

Women are allowed to visit the Shaolin temple but are not allowed to train there. The feeling is that the focus needs to be on training and spiritual advancement and the presence of women would hinder that goal.
Reply:If you have an opportunity, try to find the June and July 2007 issues of Black Belt magazine. There is a 2 part article about some myths of Shaolin monks. The author is an 8th degree martial artist based in the US who has been studying and has lived with the Shaolin monks and he answers most of the questions you asked. Hope it proves useful and answers some of your questions.

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  1. Oh right thank you. So to be on the right path Shaolins are allowed to marry?, or does it depend?